21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy

DIYing most of your wedding, will SAVE big bucks on your budget.

If you don’t want to break the bank and are creative with your hands, check out these 21+ simple and beautiful DIY wedding decor ideas.

An unforgettable day done your way is easy with a huge selection of the most stylish in wedding décor.

You’ll love these simple, but beautiful DIY’s, that are guaranteed to make your once-in-a-lifetime party absolutely picture-perfect. 


Beautiful and affordable wedding decorations are waiting for you… Let’s get started…



1. Grocery Store Cake Hack

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Grocery Store Cake Hack

Ruffled Blog

In a pinch & on a tight budget for your wedding cake?

Transform a grocery store cake with silk flowers.


2. DIY Birdcage Veil

Veils are stupid expensive, but you probably knew that already.

For a birdcage veil, replace the flower with a vintage brooch for an even easier DIY.


3. Lace & Rhinestone Garter

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Lace Garter

Bridal Guide

Design and wear your own creation.


4. Wine Favors

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Favors

Adorable Do It Yourself Mini-Wine Bottle Favors


5. Framed Blackboard Wedding Signs

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Framed Signs

3 cheap and easy ways to DIY chalkboard wedding signs

6. Succulent Corsages for the Groom and Groomsmen

The corsages stay fresh in the refrigerator, so you can make them up to two weeks in advance.


7. Celestial Wire Orbs

 These DIY orbs take only a minute to make, and add a little sparkle to any table setting.

8. Easy Make-Ahead Floral Table Centerpieces

You don’t need any prior flower arranging experience to create these simple but stunning centerpieces.

The best part: You can make them a few days in advance.


9. Free Printable Invitations

Audrey Free Printable Wedding Invites


10. Wedding Send Off

Fun & Creative Send Off Ideas.


11. Cupcake Wraps – Paper Doilies

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Doily Wrapped Cupcakes

For a doily theme, wrap your cupcakes in doilies, too.


12. Paper Lantern Columns

Creating cool lighting for your venue of choice can be an expensive endeavor.

Try this DIY that involves stacking paper lanterns on a dowel to make giant light columns.

13. DIY Rope Words

All you need is jute, Elmer’s glue, and corn starch to create these stiff rope letters.


14. Elegant Binder Clip Place Cards

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Binder Clip Placecards

Download & Print Blog

Easy to use template and print at home.



15. Vintage Chairback

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Vintage Chair Backs

Beautiful chair sash

16. Lavender and Twine Wrapped Candles

As a bonus, your guests will be able to smell the lavender as the candle burns.


17. Cake Topper

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Cricut Cake Topper
 A simple and striking cake topper idea.

18. Flower Girl Basket Ideas


19. DIY Wedding Centerpiece – Video


20. Faux Flower Wedding Bouquet – Video

A real look with faux flowers.


21. Chair Seating Cards

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Seating Cards
 So simple, and all it requires is a little paper printing, cutting, and folding.
Okay, I couldn’t stop at 21. Here are 7 more DIY’s

1. Yarn Wrapped Bottles

You can do a similar thing with yarn and wine bottles.


2. Rustic Mini Bar

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Mini Wedding Bar

Use as an alcohol bar or dessert bar.

3. Photo Booth Ideas

Spend some time making these gorgeous floral garland for the backdrop.


4. Love Note Aisle Runner

Give your guests something to read while waiting for the ceremony to begin.


5. DIY Wooden Arch – Video

Surprisingly very easy and affordable to do!

6. Washi Tape Table Runner and Backdrop


7. Dollar Store Wedding Tablescape

21 Wedding Things to DIY Instead of Buy - Dollar Store Tablescape

Dollar Tree

Elegance for less.
As I finished this post, I was rather impressed with all the DIY ideas that can SAVE brides lots of money, while adding a personal touch to the wedding day.
What was your favorite DIY in this post? Tell us all about it below in the comments. Mine was… how you can transform a store bought cake with silk flowers and a pedestal, into a work of art [and saving about $250 or more].


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