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It’s a wonderful feeling when you go from being a fiancee to a bride-to-be. You feel like you are on top of the world and can’t wait to get started creating the wedding day of your dreams.


Like many brides currently in that state of mind, that wonderful feeling never stopped for me. It became a little part of who I am today. I have always LOVED all things wedding.


I created ‘MJ Speaks It’ to be a place where brides-to-be can come, find, learn and share “All things wedding”. Here brides will find real life planning tips to help, plan and prepare while going through the experience. I’ll provide current information in the wedding world for all brides as they go through this exciting time of their lives.


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MY STORY:  Many years ago, I married my high school sweetheart. So in love and couldn’t wait to plan my wedding. Although I had no idea how to plan a wedding, I learned on my own. Anyone I spoke to, got asked many questions until I was able to figure it all out.


Through that process discovered a natural talent in me for organizing all the tasks involved in planning my special day. Our wedding day turned out to be amazing and the best celebration we’ve ever had together.




Years after my wedding, that special passion, talent and organizational mindset for creating fantastic weddings stayed with me, so I worked hard and became a certified wedding planner.


I learned all the in’s & out’s of planning weddings big and small and through that experience, went on to the next steps of my passion.


I took that experience and founded a bridal show production company.

Coordinating fashion shows, vendors and guests was a huge production. Just like a wedding, many overlapping details and deadlines to create on spectacular event. I loved it!


That brings us here and now….

I created an online school, MJ Teaches It, which offers online wedding planning courses designed to help brides plan their wedding day.


I have combined my knowledge and experience in planning, coordinating and having my own wedding, to create comprehensive courses designed for brides just like you.


Be sure to enroll in the online courses available by MJ Teaches It:

“15 Ways to Avoid Wedding Dress Regret”

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