Envision Your Wedding Day – Game

So you’ve decided that now is the time to start your wedding planning process. Congrats!


With, what I’m sure are many ideas dancing in your head, do you know the starting point? 


I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there, done that.
I’ve come up with a fun way to include your fiancee to envision the day you both want.
Find a good time and a relaxed setting to discuss your ideal wedding day with your fiancee. This has to be interruption-free time for both of you.
Turn cell phones off, make sure it’s a quiet space so you can be distraction-free ….and get started.

wedding planning couple


 Get ready, because we’re playing the “Envision Your Wedding Day” game…

 Close your eyes and fast forward to your wedding day….


Here are some questions to help get your creative eye opened: .

     * What do you see? Are you indoors or out?.
 * Is it a formal setting or semi-formal? 
* Who do you see around you?
Image by © Lisa B./Corbis
     * What color is your bridal party wearing?
     * Can you hear the music? Is the DJ or band playing your song?
     * Mmmm what’s being served at your reception?
     * Is it a beautiful sunny day or are you dancing underneath the stars?
     * Think of your own questions and add that to your vision.
When you’re done picturing your wedding day, each of you make a list of what you’ve just envisioned and compare them.
Go down the list and circle everything that closely matches and that’s your starting point.
Discuss and compromise on the remaining.

Good Luck! Be sure to make this a fun and loving experience with your fiancee.


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