How-To Choose Your Wedding Colors

how to choose your wedding colors
Choosing your wedding colors doesn’t have to be super difficult. You just need to ask yourself a few questions about the sort of mood you’d like to create.
Vibrant colors tend to evoke a sense of drama whereas softer colors create more of a romantic feel.
And when it comes to the season?
While it’s not a rule that’s totally set in stone, more often than not darker hues tend to work best in the Fall and Winter whereas the softer shades work best for Spring and Summer. 
 wedding colors
Sure, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. But once you start narrowing your options, you’ll find that things become a little more simple. But that’s not to say that you should take the decision lightly. Here are a few tips that will make choosing your wedding colors a little easier! 

When there’s so many different shades of color, it can get difficult choosing a palette that you want to commit to for your big day. We’re here to help with some advice and tips to get you started on your color scheme!



Take in the Venue 
Look at what colors the walls are painted, the type of flooring, and the overall atmosphere of your wedding venue. You’ve chosen your venue for a reason so don’t fight against it. Does the reception location have deep plum colored walls with rich mahogany wood flooring?


This would be a time to reconsider any bright or pastel colors for your color scheme. Find a palette that will complement the ambiance of your location!



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Source: The Knot


Get Inspired by Details
If you’re still trying to decide on a complete color palette, look to the details. What kind of structure and lighting is at your venue?


Have you already decided on what types of flowers you want? Select details can be a great starting point when trying to decide on a palette.







Know the Season
One of the first decisions you make before planning the details to your wedding is setting a date. Once you’ve set a date then you can really start thinking about what type of colors you want incorporated into your big day.


Think seasonally and what will look best during the time of year that you plan on saying, “I do.” If you’re having an autumn wedding, warm colors like brown, burgundy, orange and gold would be great colors to choose from. If you’re planning a winter wedding, it is advised that you avoid bright colors as they tend to be more appealing for a spring or summer wedding.




Source: Vogue


Consider What You Love 
Think of colors that you’re naturally drawn to. Look around your home and your closet for inspiration. What colors did you paint your walls? What colors are you most likely to be seen wearing? These are colors that you are already comfortable with committing to and should definitely be considered when choosing your color scheme.



Talk with Your Partner
Consult with your groom about what colors he might like for the wedding colors. You might be surprised to find out that he does have an opinion on what colors he does and does not want. After all, it is his wedding day too. He might not care if you go with navy or mint, but he might care if the wedding is dedicated to the color pink or pastels.


.How did you choose your wedding colors?



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